Velasquez Takes His Health Seriously

he former UFC champion of heavyweight Cain Velasquez is yet to return to the wrestling field as he underwent back surgery.

He updated his health status on the social media which made his fan followers happy and eager. The surgery took place in January and it was successful by the grace of God. The player is hopeful that this kind of issue does not crop up once again. Velasquez is listening to his body and also following the advices of his medical team. He has decided to take it easy and is making every effort to stay in shape. However, getting back into shape to fight will take some time. There is no timeline as of now, but he will certainly inform the media and his fan followers when he is ready to fight.

The 34 year old Velasquez was all set to fight with Fabricio Werdum in December at UFC 207. However, he was forced to stay away for medical reasons. He fought for American Kickboxing Academy in 2016 when Travis Browne was knocked out of him in the first round at UFC 200.

Velasquez said that he is quite excited to watch the upcoming heavyweight fights planned for UFC 211. He is confident that he would be competing with someone from the group as he belongs there. All he wants is his belt back and is looking forward to coming back.

Velasquez does take his health seriously besides his career. He does not want to compromise under any circumstances as he wants to come back strong this time. His prime objective is to deliver his best and won’t dishonor the loyalty of his people and also the money that people invest to watch him fight. The heavyweight champion will not fight unless he can show his actual performance. Well, the fan followers are eagerly waiting to see him fight and wishing him a speedy recovery as well.